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Our Dogs

AKC Red Standard Poodle, Des Moines Iowa


Vivi is our AKC registered standard poodle hailing from Superior, Wisconsin. Thus, her full name is "Viviane du Superior entre Des Moines." Which is our bad attempt at French. She is a highly intelligent and devoted girl. Her mothering skills are top notch. Vivi has both enthusiasm and patience. A wonderful dog, we never knew how great poodles could be till she came into our lives.


She has since retired and enjoys her time napping and playing with her favorite tennis balls (i.e. getting them stuck under every piece of furniture in the house)

AKC Yellow Labrador, Des Moines Iowa


Mel is our AKC registered yellow labrador. Her full name is "General Grenville Mellen Dodge," but we just keep it to "Mel." We've never had a dog so loving. She is calm, relaxed, and full of affection. She only wishes to make you happy, doing whatever you ask her to. One of the smartest labradors we've ever had. Our girl, Jojo, is her daughter. 


Mel is retired now, but we can't help but still show her off. She had five labradoodle litters while active. Now she spends her time lounging around our house and going on walks.

Abstract Red Labradoodle, Des Moines Iowa


Jojo is our abstract red labradoodle. She is the daughter of Mel and the red standard poodle, Valentino. She's a sweet and funny girl, still a kid at heart. When she isn't teasing her mother, she's lying behind the recliner keeping an eye on us. Jojo is our number one babysitter, she is absolutely amazing with the pups. Jojo has had her first litter with a lovely standard poodle, her pups were F1Bs.

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